Stallions at Moserwood Farms, Racing and other Sport Horses, standing Zillionair, Jockey Club registered Cremello Thoroughbred stallion
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SOLD!! Formerly at Moserwood, ZILLIONAIR is now standing at
PLATINUM PALOMINOS in Orlando, Florida.


Jockey Club registered Cremello Thoroughbred stallion

    • His breeder says that Zillionair is a "Proven stallion whose offspring sell out year after year and are winning on the line!!!"
    • DNA TESTED HOMOZYGOUS FOR THE AGOUTI GENE! e/e A/A Cr/Cr. Foals will have palomino or buckskin coat color from ALL mares, with rare possibility for a cremello or perlino. ZERO chance of smokey black foals out of bay mares. Bred to a gray mare, a colored foal that will roan out and turn gray may be produced.
    • His offspring have won the Upperville Colt & Horse Show in 2007, 2008 & 2009, Colt & Filly Thoroughbred Foal Class, and have been in race training at Churchill Downs!!!
    • Zillionair has two full stockings up to the knees, a right hind full stocking up to the hock, a left hind sock, a huge star and wide connecting stripe with connecting snip on the nose, and a white mane and tail.
    • A neat cross out stud for Arabians, Cobbs, Draughts and others if you want to add some color and fresh blood to your breeding and training programs.
    • Zillionair consistently passes on his amateur friendly, born broke, cuddle me disposition to his foals, as well as his lovely, free shoulder and sweepy way of going.
    • Though his stout, broad, short coupled build, and steady, sensible mind make him very suitable to breed for Three Day Eventing and Fox Hunters, his chiseled head and face, lovely neck set, and long reach through the shoulder, that he passes to his offspring, make him a great find to breed for hunters as well.
    • Please visit NORSIRE FARMS for many photos of his proven foals!!!
    • Please see photos and video below of a colt and filly by Zillionair.